1-19-13 Investigation Evidence

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This site is password protected, however, you may only need to enter the password once on your computer and return freely after thatIt is meant to be a temporary site for clients and those involved in the investigation to easily view or hear evidence. 

The following is a list of all video and audio links that go along with the final investigation report. Please view the report as you are listening to and viewing files, as there may be important explanations or information that go along with it. The files are listed in the order that they appear in the report.

Some or all of these artifacts may go public in an online version of this investigation report (probably shortened or summarized). I’ll be putting that together soon. As of now, the YouTube videos are unlisted and so only those with a link can view them.

Also, it is highly recommended for EVP and all audio files to listen with enclosed headphones. It makes a big difference in how you hear things. 

Artifact #1:

1-19-13-ART1-AUD-Hey-PX820 (original, unenhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART1-AUD-Hey-PX820-NR+AMP+HP (enhanced audio)

Artifact #2:        

1-19-13-ART2-AUD-PX820 (original, unenhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART2-AUD-PX820-NR+AMP+HP (enhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART2-AUD-PX720 (original, unenhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART2-AUD-PX720-NR+AMP+HP (enhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART2-AUD-COMPARISON-PX720 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #3:        

1-19-13-ART3-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio from the 2nd floor landing)

Artifact #4:        

1-19-13-ART4-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio from the 2nd floor landing)

Artifact #5:        

1-19-13-ART5-AUD-Whistle&Hey-TASCAM (unenhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART5-AUD-Whistle&Hey-TASCAM-NR+AMP+HP (shortened clip with enhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART5-VID-Whistle&Hey-NightShot (unenhanced NightShot video)

Artifact #6:        

1-19-13-ART6-AUD-Hey-TASCAM (unenhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART6-AUD-Hey-TASCAM-NR+AMP+HP (enhanced audio)

Artifact #7:        

1-19-13-ART7-VID-NewSony (unenhanced stationary video)

Artifact #8:        

1-19-13-ART8-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio from the 2nd floor landing)

Artifact #9:        

1-19-13-ART9-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio from the 2nd floor landing)

1-19-13-ART9-AUD-PX720-NR+AMP (from the 2nd floor landing, with strange noise enhanced)

Artifact #10:      

1-19-13-ART10-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio from the 2nd floor landing)

Artifact #11:      

1-19-13-ART11-VID-NewSony (unenhanced stationary video)

Artifact #12:      

1-19-13-ART12-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio from the 2nd floor landing)

1-19-13-ART12-AUD-PX720-NR+AMP+HP (enhanced audio from the 2nd floor landing)

1-19-13-ART12-AUD-PX720-NR+AMP+HP+SL (same audio, same enhancements, first voice slowed down)

1-19-13-ART12-VID-NightShot (unenhanced NightShot video)

Artifact #13:      

1-19-13-ART13-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART13-VID-NightShot (unenhanced NightShot video)

1-19-13-ART13-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio from the 2nd floor landing)

Artifact #14:      

1-19-13-ART14-VID-NightShot (unenhanced NightShot video)

Artifact #15:      

1-19-13-ART15-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced NightShot video)

Artifact #16:      

1-19-13-ART16-AUD-TASCAM (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #17:      

1-19-13-ART17-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #18:      

1-19-13-ART18-AUD-TASCAM (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #19:      

1-19-13-ART19-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

Artifact #20:      

1-19-13-ART20-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

Artifact #21:      

1-19-13-ART21-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #22:      

1-19-13-ART22-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #23:      

1-19-13-ART23-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #24:      

1-19-13-ART24-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

Artifact #25:      

1-19-13-ART25-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #26:      

1-19-13-ART26-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #27:      

1-19-13-ART27-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #28:      

1-19-13-ART28-VID-NewSony (unenhanced video)

Artifact #29:      

1-19-13-ART29-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #30:      

1-19-13-ART30-VID-NewSony (unenhanced video)

Artifact #31:      

1-19-13-ART31-AUD-TASCAM (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #32:      

1-19-13-ART32-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #33:      

1-19-13-ART33-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

Artifact #34:      

1-19-13-ART34-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

1-19-13-ART34-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #35:      

1-19-13-ART35-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

1-19-13-ART35-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #36:      

1-19-13-ART36-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #37:      

1-19-13-ART37-VID-NightShotA (unenhanced video)

1-19-13-ART37-VID-NightShotB (unenhanced video)

1-19-13-ART37-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #38:      

1-19-13-ART38-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

Artifact #39:      

1-19-13-ART39-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

1-19-13-ART39-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio, bottom of the staircase to the 3rd floor)

1-19-13-ART39-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, 2nd floor landing)

Artifact #40:      

1-19-13-ART40-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio, bottom of the staircase to the 3rd floor)

1-19-13-ART40-AUD-PX820-NR+AMP+HP (enhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART40-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, 2nd floor landing)

1-19-13-ART40-AUD-PX720-NR+AMP+HP (enhanced audio)

Artifact #41:      

1-19-13-ART41-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio, bottom of the staircase to the 3rd floor)

1-19-13-ART41-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

Artifact #42:      

1-19-13-ART42-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #43:      

1-19-13-ART43-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #44:      

1-19-13-ART44-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #45:      

1-19-13-ART45-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #46:      

1-19-13-ART46-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, Apt. 31 kitchen table)

Artifact #47:      

1-19-13-ART47-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, Apt. 31 kitchen table)

Artifact #48:      

1-19-13-ART48-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, Apt. 31 kitchen table)

Artifact #49:      

1-19-13-ART49-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, Apt. 31 kitchen table)

Artifact #50:      

1-19-13-ART50-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, Apt. 31 kitchen table)

Artifact #51:      

1-19-13-ART51-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

1-19-13-ART51-VID-NightShot (unenhanced video)

Artifact #52:      

1-19-13-ART52-VID-DVR (unenhanced DVR video from the basement)

Artifact #53:      

1-19-13-ART53-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, Apt. 31 kitchen table)

Artifact #54:      

1-19-13-ART54-VID-NightShotA (unenhanced video)

1-19-13-ART54-VID-NightShotB (unenhanced video)

1-19-13-ART54-AUD-PX820 (unenhanced audio)

Artifact #55:      

1-19-13-ART55-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, Apt. 31 kitchen table)

Artifact #56:      

1-19-13-ART56-AUD-PX720 (unenhanced audio, Apt. 31 kitchen table)


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